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Gym for All

Recreational Gymnastics for all

Play is an important part of the learning process no matter what the activity.  The play of gymnastics provides tremendous cognitive and physical benefits for all ages from babies to seniors.  Participating in a gymnastics program will provide important developmental skills to prepare children to participate in a wide variety of activities and sports on their journey to be active for life.

Gymnastics provides many benefits

  • A quality gymnastics program provides an excellent environment for children to explore how they can safely move through their physical world.
  • They will develop spatial awareness while learning safe ways to land from a fall.  This is an important tool throughout all ages from toddlers to seniors
  • Participants develop strength, balance and flexibility in a way consistent with natural movement.
  • Participants learn to use their natural abilities more effectively.  Running jumping swinging, throwing and catching are encouraged and developed.  When kids are confident in their physical abilities they are more likely to try new activities and sports.
  • Confidence in these abilities leads to a more confident and a more independent person
  • Participants learn to focus and to persevere through positive thinking and for teens it provides an outlet for risk taking in a safe controlled setting
  • Parent and tot programs strengthen the trust between parent and child while playing together.
  • Participants develop social skills as they work with a coach and with their class or team mates.  They learn to celebrate their successes and the success of others.

Many of our Nova Scotia clubs use the Cangym program and all GNS recognized clubs use progressions to teach gymnastics skills in a safe, controlled setting.

Nova Scotia Gymnastics member clubs provide opportunities for kids of all ages to develop their potential, build confidence and practice a sport that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Find a club

When you walk into a Gymnastics Nova Scotia Club you will see on wall a banner that proudly states:

“This (name of) club is a member in good standing of Gymnastics Nova Scotia and Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique

As a participant in this club you can expect to have trained and certified coaches who work to promote the sport of gymnastics as a multi-discipline sport providing the opportunity of participation and promoting fitness, well-being and social values at all levels of interest and ability, regardless of age, from the recreation to the high performance level.”                                                           

This is our commitment to leadership in coaching and to quality programming.