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Photo courtesy of Communications Nova Scotia/Len Wagg

Upcoming Events

2023 Canadian Trampoline and Tumbling Championships
19/07/23 to 24/07/23
Edmonton, AB


Long Term Coach Development

Other Training and Certification

All gymnastics coaches are required to complete:  

  • Respect in Sport Program – this trains coaches to deal with issues such as bullying, abuse of power, and harassment in sport. Please click on the link above or contact Gymnastics Nova Scotia for more specific information about this program.
  • Criminal Record Checks – these checks are required every 3 years and can be completed through or your local police station.  In order to be invited to do a police check through MyBackCheck, you can contact Gymnastics Nova Scotia.
  • NS Child Abuse Registry Check – these checks are required every 3 years and are completed through NS Community Services.  You can follow the link to the NS Community Services or go directly to NS Child Abuse Register – Request for Search:  Form A

Gymnastics Canada’s Coach Education Program adheres to the standards of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) as set out by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). With the Provincial/Territorial Gymnastics Organizations, Gymnastics Canada mandates that any individual coaching in a Gymnastics Canada member club must be a trained or certified coach under the NCCP for the gymnastics discipline in which they are coaching. Along with the development and delivery of the NCCP to coaches throughout the country, Gymnastics Canada works closely with the Provincial/Territorial Gymnastics Organizations (who are responsible for hosting and scheduling NCCP courses) to ensure that our member clubs continue to provide sound training programs in a safe learning environment that meet the needs of all gymnastics participants.

For more information about the specific training and certification levels required for coaches working with provincial/territorial recreational and competitive level gymnasts, please contact Gymnastics Nova Scotia. For more information about the specific training and certification levels required for coaches working with national level gymnasts, please refer to Gymnastics Canada’s respective program’s Technical Regulations (MAG, RG, TG and WAG programs).

Gymnastics Canada has offered NCCP training in Artistic, Trampoline and Rhythmic Gymnastics since the mid 1970s. Presently, our NCCP is undergoing a shift from a knowledge based training approach to a competency based educational and training (CBET) approach. As this transition is ongoing, coaches who completed NCCP courses prior to January 1st 2008 will be referred to the OLD NCCP (Level 1, 2, 3 and 4); individuals interested in becoming newly trained and certified gymnastics coaches will be referred to the NEW NCCP (Gymnastics Foundations).

As of January 1st 2010, all coaches who have completed a Level 1 NCCP component (Theory, Technical, Practical), will be granted an equivalent status as a ‘Gymnastics Foundations’ coach in their gymnastics sport (Active Start, Aerobic, Artistic, Rhythmic, or Trampoline).


  • A 1 or 2 year program that introduces young teens to the various aspects to coaching gymnastic sports and prepares them for entry into the NCCP when they reach the age of 16.
  • Includes individual study, mentorship & hands-on coaching experience under the supervision of a Tutor Coach.
  • A CIT who begins the program at the age of 13 has two years to complete all the requirements.  A CIT who begins at age 14 or 15 must complete all requirements in one year.
  • Each club may use its own discretion regarding the employment vs. volunteer status of CITs.
  • All CIT candidates and Tutor Coaches must enter into a written agreement that stipulates their roles and responsibilities.  This generic agreement is included in the CIT Tutor’s Guide and in the Coach Workbook.
  • Consists of weekly training modules with a Tutor Coach, which supports ongoing supervised coaching, officiating and administrative experiences.
  • CIT candidates may only assist a certified coach with programs for preschoolers or for children aged 6-8.  A CIT must never be given sole responsibility for a group of children.
  • In year one, candidates will complete 15 hours of training modules, covering 10 topic areas.
  • In year two, candidates will complete and additional 15 hours of tasks related to coaching, officiating and administration.
  • Over the course of the two years, it is also expected that the CIT will remain an active gymnastic participant, completing a minimum of 15 hours of “gymming” time.

Who can be a CIT? 

  • Anyone between the ages of 13 and 15 years who is interested in learning how to coach.
  • It is preferable to have had some ongoing gymnastics participation, which may be at either a recreational or competitive level.
  • All CITs must be registered members of the club and P/T Gymnastics Association.

Who can be a CIT Tutor Coach?

  • Any coach that is NCCP Level 1 Certified and is at least 18 years old.
  • Candidate must have sound knowledge of Preschool or Recreational programs.
  • Must be able to work with the CIT in the gym and during the training modules.

For further information on beginning the CIT program in your club, please contact Gymnastics Nova Scotia by email at [email protected] or by phone at (902) 425-5450, ext. 338.



The Gymnastics Foundations Program consists of 3 training courses and a 10-week practical coaching period (see Gymnastics Foundations Training Pathway). Coaches seeking certification will also need to complete an evaluation. The pre-requisite for this program is 15 years of age.

Gymnastics Foundations THEORY (MED and Planning a Practice) - 4 hours

The Theory course is a half-day course that covers content common to all gymnastics sports. After completing the THEORY course the coach is still considered “IN TRAINING” must be under the direct supervision of a certified coach. Following the Theory course ALL coaches must complete the Making Ethical Decisions online evaluation. See MED section for more details.

Gymnastics Foundations INTRODUCTION - 8 hours

This course is an in gym one-day course for ALL gym sports (Artistic, Trampoline, Active Start etc.)

After completing this one-day course the coach is considered to be ‘IN TRAINING’ and may assist a certified coach. Coaches “IN TRAINING” must be under the direct supervision of a certified coach.

*(Direct supervision means: Coaches with “In Training” status cannot have sole responsibility for a group of athletes and must be working side by side with a supervised by a CERTIFIED coach that is a minimum of 18 years of age).

Gymnastics Foundations SPORT SPECIFIC - 8 hours per sport

The Sport Specific courses are one-day courses that provide practical knowledge unique to each gym sport. The gym sports that are currently offered under the gymnastics umbrella are:

Active Start (Preschool) – Coaching children 6 years and under

Artistic Gymnastics – Recreational classes for children 6 and older

Trampoline - Recreational classes for children 6 and older

Coaches who complete the Gymnastics Foundations program and want to also coach another gymnastics sport (ie trampoline as well as artistic) can do so by attending the one day Discipline Specific course for that discipline.  Coaches only have to complete the GF Intro and GF Theory courses ONCE.

After completing the Sport Specific course the coach is considered “TRAINED”


THEORY + INTRO + SPORT SPECIFIC (Artistic, Trampoline etc.) = TRAINED

“TRAINED” coaches may independently coach their own group of athletes as long as there is a “Certified” coach in the gym at all times. Coaches are encouraged to only coach athletes at their present level of training or below. “TRAINED” coaches may proceed through the coaching pathway and are eligible to take Level 2 Competitive Introduction courses in their specified discipline.



Certification is finalized following successful completion of all courses, a coaching portfolio AND GF Evaluation. Click HERE for the Evaluation Package.

“CERTIFIED” coaches may independently coach their own group of athletes AND may supervise and mentor other coaches at or below their present certification level. Certified coaches that have mentorship or supervisory responsibilities should be a minimum of 18 years of age.



Complete the multi-sport Theory Comp Introduction Modules (Part B). These modules are offered by Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, click HERE to find a course near you. It is recommended that you take the Comp Intro Modules before enrolling in the Level 2 Technical course, but it is not mandatory.


Attend and successfully complete the Level 2 Technical course in your Sport Specific Discipline (Women’s, Men’s, Trampoline). After completing the Technical course the coach is considered “TRAINED”. “TRAINED” coaches must be under the supervision of a Level 2 certified coach within that discipline.


Complete 200 Practical coaching hours each for MAG/WAG and 150 hours for Trampoline AFTER you complete the respective Level 2 Technical course(s).

4. You must complete and submit your Level 2 Practical Coaching Form to Gymnastics Nova Scotia. Make sure your supervisor completes the supervisor’s section and signs your form otherwise it will be returned to you. Keep a copy of the form in your Coaching Portfolio just in case you need it later.




Coaches are required to attain the multi-sport theory component which is the completion of four (4) of the six (6) Competition Development Modules (previously known as Theory Level 3).  It is preferred that gymnastics coaches NOT complete the 'Leading Drug Free Sport' module, but it will be recognized as one (1) of the four (4) required modules if they do. To find the closest course module offerings in your area, please visit the Coaching Nova Scotia webpage by clicking HERE.

 *Coaches that took old Theory Levels 1 and 2 (prior to April 2004) will need to complete the Design a Sport Program (DSP) and Make Ethical Decisions (MED) modules before they start the Competition Development modules.


Attend and successfully complete the Level 3 Technical course in your Sport Specific Discipline (Women’s, Men’s, Trampoline). After completing the Technical course the coach is considered “TRAINED”. “TRAINED” coaches must be under the supervision of a Level 3 certified coach within that discipline.


In order to become Level 3 Certified, Artistic Coaches must also complete the Practical Requirements of 1 year of competitive coaching after the completion of the Level 3 Technical Course.  The Coach must also submit a yearly training plan and video before attending the Level 3 Practical Evaluation Session.  Please see the Level 3 Practical Guidebook.


In order to become Level 3 Certified, Trampoline Coaches must also complete the Practical Requirements of 300 hours of competitive coaching after the completion of the Level 3 Technical Course.  Coaches must earn 25 points as per the Trampoline Gymnastics Level 3 Practical Requirements Form.



  • Combines the principles and technical elements for more sophisticated gymnastics.
  • High level competitive coaches attend week-long intensive sessions and prepare extensive assignments to complete these levels, including training an athlete to the Canadian National Team.
  • For these levels a coach can only be invited to attend by Gymnastics Canada       


In certain circumstances, some coaches and athletes are eligible for coaching equivalencies and/or exemptions. Please review the Coaching Equivalency and Exemption document.

Respect in Sport

Respect in Sport is a grassroots on-line training course for coaches and sport leaders. It is designed as a tool to assist coaches in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment, and bullying in sport.

GNS requires that all club coaches complete the 3 hour Respect in Sport On-line Program. For more information on this program or to begin the course, please visit:

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Gymnastics Canada re changes to NCCP program here
  • Check coaching records (requires NCCP CC#) here. You should print a copy of your NCCP Database record for your Coaching Portfolio. If there are any discrepancies, please contact your Provincial/Territorial Gymnastics Organization.
  • Further resources including NCCP forms can be obtained by clicking here.
  • Educational Gymnastics Activities with the Foundational Movement Patterns by Kelly Thompson