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Upcoming Events

ALTAmate 2019
3360 Barnstead Lane, Halifax, NS
March Break Invitational
190 Willow Street, Amherst, NS B4H 3W5
TENS Evaluation
133 First Lake Drive, Lower Sackville, NS

Women's Artistic

Women’s Artistic gymnastics (WAG) is an extremely demanding discipline based upon an athlete’s precision and agility. Women are judged within their own respective categories (age and level) and use a range of apparatuses to perform their stunning routines.

  • Judging criteria varies and is based upon: execution, creativity and difficulty of routine, and the way they utilize their apparatus.
  • Deductions are made for improper landings, inadequate amplitude and execution, lengthy pauses, falls, poor technique.

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics includes the following four events:


Gymnasts fly through the air executing precise twists and somersaults over a table shaped structure.

Uneven Bars:

Gymnasts perform continuous movement between two raised bars of uneven height resulting in a series of swings, twists, somersaults and handstands.

Balance Beam:

Rhythmic and fluid, dance and acrobatic movements are performed across the length of a 4-inch wide beam.

Floor Exercise:

Creative dance elements and tumbling manoeuvres performed to music utilize the entire floor space.