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Please find a list of available resources below. Resources are grouped by type of information. To find any particular file please find the appropriate group, and click/press on the file you are looking for. The PDF file will be displayed for viewing or downloading.

Resource List

  1. GNS Grants

GNS Special projects - Club/Recreation Development Request Form

  1. GNS Hosting & Expense Forms

  1. GNS Membership & Insurance

GNS Membership - Information release form for all members
GNS Membership - Statutory Declaration form for all clubs
Insurance - Game Day Accident Claim Form
GNS Membership - Assigned club registration numbers
GNS Membership - Club Member Database

  1. Materials to Purchase

  1. NCCP

Application for Hosting NCCP Courses
How to Log into "the Locker"
Gymnastics Foundations Flow Chart
Gymnastics Foundations Coach Evaluation Package for Certification
NCCP Level 2 Practical Form - Women's Apparatus
NCCP Level 2 Practical Form - Men's Apparatus
NCCP Level 2 Practical Form - Trampoline
NCCP Level 3 Practical Form - Trampoline

  1. Other

Gymnastics Canada LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development)
CAC Long-Term Athlete Development information for parents