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Please find a list of available resources below. Resources are grouped by type of information. To find any particular file please find the appropriate group, and click/press on the file you are looking for. The PDF file will be displayed for viewing or downloading.

Resource List

Why certify as a Foundations coach

  1. GNS Grants

GNS Special projects - Club/Recreation Development Request Form

  1. GNS Hosting & Expense Forms

  1. GNS Membership & Insurance

GNS Membership - Club Member Database
GNS Membership - Information release form for all members
GNS Membership - Statutory Declaration form for all clubs
Insurance - Game Day Accident Claim Form
GNS Membership - Assigned club registration numbers

  1. Materials to Purchase

GNS "Gymnastics for Life" T-Shirt

  1. NCCP

Gymnastics Foundations Flow Chart
Gymnastics Foundations Coach Evaluation Package for Certification
Managing your locker Profile
NCCP Level 2 Practical Form - Women's Apparatus
NCCP Level 2 Practical Form - Men's Apparatus
NCCP Level 2 Practical Form - Trampoline
NCCP Level 3 Practical Form - Trampoline
Application for Hosting NCCP Courses
How to Log into "the Locker"

  1. Other

GNS Guidelines for In-Home activities during Covid-19
Gymnastics Canada LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development)
CAC Long-Term Athlete Development information for parents